All about EMR or ePrescription

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All about EMR or ePrescription

Which medical conditions are considered to be chronic?

EMR healthcare systems are electronic clinical documents that contain basic patient and clinical information. Doctors primarily utilize them for assessment and treatment. Documenting a patient history, testing, diagnosis, and medication in EMRs guarantees the best possible care. In addition, an EMR helps to build better understanding and communication between healthcare staff.

What are electronic medical records (EMR)?

Electronic Medical Records or EMR are paper records or charts in digital versions. These are formed in the clinician’s office to explain in detail the patient’s medical history and treatment option as collected by individual medical practice. It is largely used in hospitals by providers to carry diagnosis or treatment.


What are the benefits of EMR for medical practice?

There are numerous benefits of EMR for medical practice like:

  • Quicker and better result
  • Contain less error as compared to handwork
  • Space for larger databases
  • Access to the result and data over time
  • Ability to transfer large data from one department to another quickly
  • Customizable electronic medical records
  • Reduced operation and overtime labor expenses

What are the benefits of EMR for patients?

Not only EMR benefits the practitioner but also the patients in many ways like:

  • Improve diagnosis and treatment
  • Patient details remain private
  • Quicker decision-making power
  • Fewer errors for accurate and better personal health records
  • Benefits of reduced cost sweep down to patients, too, as they are charged less
  • No requirement of maintaining huge files of medical papers

Is Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Secure?

Electronic Medical records are highly secured and protected by strong login and password. Not to mention all the data are encrypted, so there is no chance of the patient’s record being leaked. These security systems make it very difficult for someone who does not have authority to access patient’s charts and other medical information.

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