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frequently asked questions

Our E Prescription Software includes an internet-enabled tablet and our software to generate prescriptions. It also includes space in the cloud to save all the data.

First year of usage is FREE. From the second year, we charge a monthly fee of Rs 500 per month.

The data is saved on Google cloud in an encrypted format where is it completely safe.

The data that you are referring to is patient data. Since we do not have the written consent of the patients to share their identifiable information with anyone, it would be illegal for us to do that. We have a history of 10 years managing entire patient databases of large hospitals without any glitch, so you can trust us with the safety of your data.

Yes, we do offer comprehensive training and 3-4 days of handholding for doctors to get comfortable in using our ePrescription solution (EMR).

Our EMR has some superior features which are not available in other popular EMRs. Also, our engagement model offers a long period for adaption at no cost. Contact us to know more about why you should choose PurpleDocs EMR.

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