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Chronic Diseases are one of the major diseases reported that are degrading the health quotient in India. These diseases are also responsible for decreasing wealth, as the treatment requires high financial strength. Chronic diseases have become a threat to society, and some even believe that is a result of poor health habits of individuals.


Diabetes, kidney disorders, and heart diseases are incurable. They can only be controlled and never be corrected. However, it requires great care and discipline to control these diseases. A person has to restrict his diet, develop healthy exercise, as well as sleeping habits. Even a small mishap can become life-threatening.


In other words, these diseases are unpredictable and can become life-threatening anytime. However, with chronic care management, one can keep these diseases under control.

What is Chronic Patient Management?

Chronic Patient Management is a collaborative care strategy to disease management that covers diagnostics, check-ups, health education, clinical management and coordination. If you have a chronic condition, it can enhance the standard of health whilst lowering the healthcare expenditures by avoiding or decreasing the symptoms of the disease.


Chronic Patient management involves everything from regular monitoring to routine physical exercises that will help control the disease. Additionally, patients suffering from chronic diseases must always take care of their eating habits. Eating unhealthy and fatty food can be very harmful to such patients. Therefore, in chronic disease management, a patient must be regularly advised what to eat and what not to eat.


Chronic Patient management in India has been developing since these diseases are becoming the major cause of death in recent times. Therefore, the government wants to tackle these diseases and help patients to fight them.

How to help these patients with better management techniques?

Chronic diseases are responsible for the reduced health quotient in India. The patients that carry this disease often discover it very late. However, none of these has an actual cure, and some of them are highly life-threatening. And what makes them more dangerous is mismanagement and not caring enough.


So, healthy food habits and exercising habits are a must in such diseases. The only way to stop these diseases from taking control over your life is proper management. Therefore, let us look at some of the ways in which the patients can be kept healthy.

  • Proper monitoring of the disease

It is very important to understand that the disease has to be properly assessed on a regular basis. For diabetic patients, it becomes very important to measure the blood sugar level at regular intervals. This helps the patients to understand if their disease is under control or not. Patients with chronic illnesses have to be kept on a healthy diet. This is very important, and their medicines need to be altered at different intervals. This keeps the disease under control and does not cause any life threats.

Due to the lack of awareness, many people believe that several chronic diseases are due to their genes, which is not the case. But, most of these cases are due to bad habits and lifestyles. Therefore, monitoring of vitals and the disease conditions becomes important.


  •  Developing a healthy lifestyle

One of the most practised ways in chronic care management services is to develop a better lifestyle. This helps the body to cope with the disease and keep the body healthy. The management for these diseases includes eating vegetables that are beneficial in such conditions and avoiding eatables with high cholesterol. Additionally, diabetic patients are to stay away from sugar content and switch to sugar-free intake things. This helps keep the diseases controlled and stops the disease from causing any life-threatening episodes.


  • Proper medication

It is very important that a patient suffering from the above disease must always follow proper medication. This helps the patient to keep their disease under control. In addition, medication helps them treat the disease in cases of emergencies. Therefore, always make sure that patients take medicines at the proper time. Also, the dosage level should be accurate.


  •  Consulting doctors on a regular basis

The patients must always keep in touch with the doctors and always take their reports for surveillance. This helps the patient to understand their diseases better and treat them with the help of doctors better. A third or more of patients with chronic illnesses suffer from dark, gloomy emotions.

Depression might prevent you from carrying out the necessary prescriptions, visiting the doctor on time, or adopting healthy behaviours. The CCM program helps you to learn about the symptoms of depression. Consult your physician if you believe you are depressed or are on the verge of becoming depressed.


  • Use of new technologies

By empowering patients and encouraging positive behaviour, health-tech businesses along with CCM can better improve the quality of care for chronic diseases. In India, the compliance percentage of medical appointments and therapies has been presented only 33%.

But this is only one-third of the quarter of the healthcare system that wants to be treated. To close the healthcare service loop, health-tech firms can significantly increase real-time accessibility to patients’ physicians via technologies.


  • Use of health insurance to support your needs

Health insurance companies play a vital role in the chronic care management program. The treatment for these is generally very high, and additionally, the tests and medicines, too, cost a fortune.

Therefore, the health insurance companies provide patients with insurance and loans so that they get funds that they can use to purchase medicines and pay for regular check-ups. Many health insurance firms schedule these check-ups for their clients and help them keep themselves fit and healthy.


Chronic Patients management in India has become more active over the years. In fact, it is affecting the overall health quotients and becoming a cause of degrading health. These management techniques help the patients to become more and more aware of the disease. Additionally, adopt ways in which these can be treated and controlled in the right way.

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